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Dear Zindagi (life) ❤️

Kabhi Kabhi Hum, Mushkil raasta sirf isliye chunte hai kyuki humein lagta hai, important cheezein paane k liye humein mushkil raasta apnana chaiye. Apne aap ko Punish karna zaroori samjhte hai. But why aasan raasta kyu nahi chun sakte? Kya burai hai usme? Khaas kar tab jab hum uss mushkil ka saamna karne ke liye taiyaar hi nahi hai.

Translation- Some times we select difficult and harder ways to reach the important thing we want in our life. We think it’s important to punish ourselves. But why not select the easy way out? What’s the harm in it? Especially when you physically or mentally not ready for facing that difficult or hard situation.

Love you ZINDAGI (life) 💞😍

Maybe 💔

Maybe one day I will stop wondering

“Why is it not me that you chose?”

One day maybe I’d stop listening to the songs you recommended me

One day maybe I would tremble while writing about you

One day maybe I will erase off all the memories I have of you

One day maybe I will break all the promises I am still keeping even after you left….

One day maybe there will be a night in my life that would help me sleep without thinking of you

One day maybe I will love someone the way I loved you

One day maybe I will stop crying in this pain

One day maybe I will stop hoping for you to be mine.


Stories end Love Stories don’t 🙂


An angry mob comprising 30-40 people attacked resident doctors at the DY Patil Medical College on Friday night after their kin passed away. They have decried medical negligence. It has resulted in the attacked doctor filing an FIR with the Pimpri police station.

The incident also prompted a protest between 9 am and 3 pm, where 250 resident doctors demanded increase in hospital’s security. They have claimed that this is third such incident this year. In his complaint, victim, Dr Aditya Pandial, has said that the incident occurred around 8.45 pm on the second floor of the pulmonology department. It began with women launching the attack and men joining in. While other doctors tried to shield their colleagues, a local politician barged in with 30 people and further assaulted the doctors.The deceased Ketak Ashok Gaikwad, a resident of HA Colony, Pimpri, was admitted to the hospital on March 21. While a bronchoscopy was planned on Saturday, the patient passed away due to severe lung infection and cardiac arrest. He could not be resuscitated.

The event has had repercussions to the extent that four-five doctors went on a leave while others are petrified. “We are going to raise the issue with the higher authorities as such incidents are not reported to the management. The security has to be improved,” a doctor told Mirror on the condition of anonymity. Dr JS Bhawalkar, dean of D Y Patil Medical College, called the incident unfortunate. “We will increase the security at the college and no services were hit during the protest,” he said. Police inspector Masaji Kale of Pimpri police station said, “We have registered offence against two unknown men and two unknown women under sections 323, 504 and 34 (physical assaults and damage to property) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). None of them has been arrested yet.”

What is wrong with you people? The ones who are considered humans gods are Doctors and we land up harming them! For what? And Why? Clearly some action definitely needs to be taken…

Copied from.

– PUNE MIRROR (25th march 2018 at 12am IST)


That word RAPE itself gives me trembles and my mind go numb, rapes before were claimed to happen because of “WOMEN’s DRESSING”  but apparently even full body covered clothes or a girl in HIJAB/BURKHA (no offence in-case i spelled it wrong) is NOT SAFE. Other than India all the other countries have pretty strict laws against people who RAPE. Hard to believe some of them are usually your family members, people who wear a mask of being an ANGEL but are DEVIL/DEMON/SATAN inside. They can only think of reason to get you alone and do as they please. Our brown parents teach us that your body is your temple no man or women should be allowed to touch you inappropriately. And when someone from the family does and we decide to tell our parents about it, they decide to bury the topic there and then because the family name will come to stake. And also that they’ll be ashamed confronting this situation of molesting so “it’s okay you be quiet about it” is what we are told in the end. It’s 2018 Indian’s wake up and stop serving those rapist and take some strict action against them. Doing a CANDLE MARCH TO INDIA GATE (in delhi) is not going to help many people like the rapists of NIRBHAYA are still living among-st us, Women can now fight back for their own safety, but my question is why should we live with the fear that anything can happen to us at any given time, WHY THE FEAR WITHIN US? Akshay Kumar a BOLLYWOOD actor teaches women self defense for FREE. But my question is why? and will always remain a WHY?. Learning self defense is not bad every women should but that’s learn’t for protecting our self in-case we land up in some situation. The recent huge rape case happened of a new born baby girl in the hospital itself, imagine what horrific act that baby went through. She was just born unaware of these MONSTERS in INDIA.

Let me brief you with the RAPE STATISTIC’s OF JUST INDIA 

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these, 24,470 were committed by someone known to the victim (98% of the cases). India has been characterised as one of the “countries with the lowest per capita rates of rape“.

Those cases that have not been registered are the ones from those families who are afraid to let anyone know about the “DIRTY INCIDENT” (yes that’s what they call it)their own daughter has been through. Here people are not treated as a VICTIM but as a target that they can make fun of in a nasty way and keep draining them out mentally until they decide to suicide. Which is the worst possible thing a victim can do. My say it people who have been through things like this should seek help from people they can hope will actually help them and improve their life. KILLING YOURSELF IS NOT A SOLUTION. RAISE YOUR VOICE and people will LISTEN. 





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